Marine Satellite TV: An Introductory Guide

Marine Satellite TV: An Introductory Guide

Gone are the days when a marine satellite TV was a rare luxury only superyachts are privy to have. Thanks to marine satellite TV companies, such as Intellian, this simple indulgence has now become more portable, accessible and affordable for small boat owners.


The right antenna for your destination

When selecting the ideal antenna for your marine satellite TV system, it is recommended that you take into consideration where you will be sailing. Satellite TV broadcast spot beams are particularly targeted on land where the majority of the subscribers are located. This means that the further you sail away from land, the weaker the signal of your satellite TV system gets. Investing in a bigger antenna makes sense when cruising further offshore.


A popular choice: Intellian i4 Marine Satellite TV Antenna

The Intellian i4 Marine Satellite TV Antenna is one of the best players in the field, boasting of the highest signal strength available with a 45cm (17.7”) reflector, significantly increasing the coverage area. It is ideal for pleasure boats, fishing boats and commercial vessels cruising between various locations within a global region where the polarization angle of the satellite signal changes, for instance, Europe, South America and the Asia Pacific.


HDTV and multiple TVs

You can connect several television sets on your boat to one marine satellite TV antenna. One satellite set-top box can show a single channel to multiple screens at the same time. If you want to take your marine satellite TV experience to the next level, hook up each TV to its own satellite set-top box to view different channels. For the high-definition TV experience, set up your marine TV satellite system with an HDTV, an HDTV capable receiver and an HD antenna control unit (ACU).


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