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JL Audio’s is a leader in marine audio Their marine loudspeakers are built with the most durable materials. JL Audio offers two series of marine speaker systems: M3 and M. Both series are available with, or without RGB lighting.


JL Audio offers a wide range of subwoofers essential for great marine audio especially on a running powerboat. Adding a JL audio subwoofer gives you a vastly better low-frequency output and will help your whole system sound cleaner and louder.


JL Audio’s marine amplifiers deliver superb sonic quality, while drawing less current per watt of output. This allows them to be more compact, run cooler, and reduce stress on your boat’s electrical system.

Source Units

The JL Audio MediaMaster® marine source units are built to withstand the harsh marine environment, while offering connectivity to all your media devices and multiple zone outputs that give you full control of the sound throughout your boat. JL audio also offer stand-alone Bluetooth® receivers.

Connection Systems

JL Audio offers a wide range of connection systems made with marine-grade materials and construction to give you the performance and reliability you need on the water. They offer connection products for amplifier, source unit and speaker installation.

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