FarSounder - Argos

FarSounder’s Argos series of 3D Forward Looking Sonar systems provide real-time imagery of what’s beneath the waters ahead. The Argos Series of 3D Forward Looking Sonars has 3 distinct models. The Argos 350, Argos 500 and Argos 1000, each with varying degrees of range capabilities. 

These systems give ships the security to safely navigate challenging waters by alerting users when objects are approaching. Navigators are able to detect in-water hazards, shallow bottoms, and a variety of moving underwater obstacles. The data is shown in a 3D display and overlaid on a nautical chart, and updates in less than 2 seconds. 

FarSounder’s Argos sonars are used by all types of vessels in oceans and seas around the globe.

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