Marine Installation & Commissioning

At Aquamare Marine, we take pride in providing all-encompassing solutions to fulfil your boating requirements. From assisting in equipment selection to the meticulous installation of every part we offer, our skilled technicians ensure a seamless process from beginning to end.

Whether you're enhancing current systems or outfitting a new vessel, we manage every installation aspect with precision and expertise. Our proficiency spans from electrical and mechanical setups to navigation systems and onboard entertainment, guaranteeing flawless execution.

With our thorough commissioning services, your boat undergoes rigorous testing and certification for peak performance. We meticulously address every detail, ensuring your vessel is primed for smooth sailing. Plus, as we're capable of installing every part we sell, you can trust that your boat will feature only the finest products available on the market.

Read our Case study here

Case Study: Aquamare Marine’s Swift and Effective Seakeeper Installation

Discover how Aquamare Marine achieved a remarkable 96% reduction in boat roll through swift and effective Seakeeper installation. Our expertise not only enhanced passenger comfort but also showcases our proficiency in marine solutions.

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