Opacmare: Premium Marine Equipment

Opacmare is a leading manufacturer of high-quality marine equipment, including Passerelles (Gangways), Step Ladders, Boarding Systems, Cranes, Davits, Lift Platforms, Transformer Platforms, Drop Balconies, Patio Doors, Popout Doors, and Watertight Doors. Utilising state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and the latest technology, Opacmare ensures their products meet the highest standards. Each piece of equipment is crafted with mirror-polished stainless steel and the finest grade materials, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

Opacmare has revolutionised the installation process with their innovative “Easy” electronics system. By eliminating bulky control boxes and integrating all electronics onto the hydraulic pack, they significantly reduce installation time and save valuable space on board. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and maximises onboard space, making Opacmare products the top choice for marine equipment solutions. Choose Opacmare for exceptional quality, advanced technology, and seamless installation.

Comprehensive Range of Marine Equipment

Opacmare offers a comprehensive range of marine equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of modern yachts and boats. Their product line includes:

Passerelles (Gangways): Safe and stylish gangways for easy boarding and disembarking.

Step Ladders: Durable and easy-to-use step ladders for convenient access.

Boarding Systems: Advanced boarding solutions for optimal safety and convenience.

Cranes and Davits: Robust cranes and davits for efficient handling of tenders and other equipment.

Lift Platforms and Transformer Platforms: Innovative platforms for smooth and secure lifting operations.

Drop Balconies: Elegant drop balconies that enhance onboard luxury and space.

Patio Doors and Popout Doors: Sleek door solutions that offer seamless transitions and watertight security.

Watertight Doors: Reliable watertight doors for enhanced safety and protection.

Why Choose Opacmare?

Opacmare stands out in the marine industry for several reasons:

Unparalleled Quality: Each product is made from premium materials, including mirror-polished stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal.

Advanced Technology: Opacmare uses the latest technology in their manufacturing processes, resulting in innovative and efficient marine equipment.

Streamlined Installation: The “Easy” electronics system reduces installation time and saves space, making it easier to equip your yacht or boat.

Versatile Solutions: Opacmare offers a wide range of products to cater to various marine needs, from luxury yachts to commercial vessels.

Optimise Your Marine Experience with Opacmare

For those seeking the finest in marine equipment, Opacmare delivers unmatched quality, innovation, and reliability. Enhance your marine experience with Opacmare's state-of-the-art solutions designed to provide safety, convenience, and style. Explore the extensive product range and discover why Opacmare is the preferred choice for marine professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.




Manual and automatic Gangways and Ladders for boarding from the sea or from the shore.

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Swimming Ladders

Manual and automatic systems for boarding on boats from ashore or from the sea.

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Lifting Systems

Multifunctional Transformer Platforms and Tender Lifts. Automatic transom handling systems for tender hauling and jet ski launching or all in one gangway, ladder, tender lift and crane systems.

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