Crafting Versatility on the Water

Boat Building, Design & Development

In partnership with our sister company, DC Marine Developments, we specialise in the craftsmanship and innovative design of marine vessels, such as the Dutch Craft 56. Additionally, we provide support in building yachts for some world-renowned brands. We also handle the assembly, refit, and manufacturing of both sailing and motor yachts. Our team of skilled traditional boat builders, combined with cutting-edge design and technology, ensures that we create, build, and refurbish vessels to standards that surpass industry expectations.

Design & Development:

Comprehensive Yacht Engineering - Our dedicated design team provides in-house solutions for electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and mechanical systems, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.


In-House Yacht Manufacturing - We manufacture yachts of all sizes, up to a maximum 6m beam, utilising state of the art equipment and skilled professionals in carpentry, engineering, and GRP technology.


Full Refit Services - Our facility offers complete refit services, complemented by global capabilities to meet any refit needs, ensuring your yacht remains in peak condition.

Loom Manufacturing:

Custom Looms - With a 32m loom bench and advanced taping and tally machine, we design and manufacture bespoke looms tailored to your yacht’s specifications.

SuperYacht Tenders:

Custom Ribs & Tenders - From concept design through testing and completion, we specialise in the custom design and manufacturing of Ribs and Tenders, delivering superior performance and style.

Czone Systems:

Digital Switching Systems - As specialists in CZone digital switching systems, we offer complete design and system packages that enhance the functionality and convenience of your yacht.

3D Scanning:

Precision 3D Scanning - Our worldwide scanning service delivers highly accurate 3D model with precision of 0.2mm, ensuring every component is perfectly detailed and fitted.

Discover how our specialised teams at Aquamare Marine and DC Marine Developments can bring your vision to life with unmatched quality and precision. 

Customer service

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