Top Tips When Sailing With Children

Top Tips When Sailing With Children

A sailing holiday can be a perfect opportunity for children to learn about life at sea,marine life and even other countries. However, no matter how long you have been sailing, having your children aboard is sure to take you to a whole new level of boating experience.

Taking children on a sailing trip doesn’t have to be as tricky as you might think. Read on for a few tips to make this a family holiday your children will never forget.

Choose the right yacht

When deciding which yacht to use, try to choose one that is ideal for the whole family. Opt for a catamaran that offers shade to protect your young ones when the sun’s rays get too harsh to bear.

Sate your children’s boat curiosities

Simply telling your children not to go to a specific area of the boat will only increase their curiosity. When the boat is safely moored,show them around and ensure they are familiar with all areas, mention what each sector is called. Also, remember to carefully explain to them what the safety features are for and why it is important for them to obey instructions.

Teach them early

Teach your children basic skills, just simple tasks like putting away things that are cluttered around the vessel and you could show them how to tie simple knots.

Get them involved

To make the experience memorable for your children, try to involve them as much as you can. Show them how to steer the boat, tie knots, get them to spot buoys and explain what they mean , include them in mapping out your route for the day.

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