How to Select the Best Marine Toilet for Your Boat

How to Select the Best Marine Toilet for Your Boat

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A high-quality marine toilet is a must-have for every boat. This is especially true if you spend a significant amount of time fishing or you usually have family and friends on-board for a boating holiday.

Types of Marine Toilets

When deciding on what type of marine toilet is best for your boat, do not forget to factor in comfort, convenience and value for money.

A portable or cassette toilet is the least expensive and a space-saver, but you have to take it out and dispose of its content manually once you dock. This type of marine toilet has the tendency to leave a bad odour on-board and getting rid of untreated waste material is a serious business. You have to be careful because there are laws and strict guidelines in place on how to dispose of waste without harming the environment.

If your boat can accommodate the space and the weight, an electric pump-out marine toilet is the best option. It is the closest thing to a home bathroom. It is installed neatly onto your boat and flushes quickly with the push of a button, as opposed to manual pump-out marine toilets that require you to pump water by hand.

Planus Smart Marine Toilet from Aquamare Marine

Planus Smart Marine Toilets boast of the signature Planus TOUCH. This near-silent marine toilet system also has a patented Vortex pump that has all its components fitted within the luxury ceramic bowl. Compared to the traditional marine toilet, the system offers an ultra quiet operation and excellent pump distances.

Aquamare Marine are a trusted provider of Planus Smart Marine Toilets and other marine products, including marine sewage treatments and water treatment systems. With convenient headquarters, Aquamare Marine UK, Aquamare Marine USA, and Aquamare Marine Australia, we offer delivery and installation worldwide.

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