SuperSail Alarm Wireless Motion Sensor

SuperSail Wireless Movement Sensor


SuperSail Wireless Movement Sensor

The SuperSail Wireless Movement Sensor is heat sensitive Movement Sensor that register uninvited guests in the boat. It measures the difference in heat between an object and the surrounding environment and will thus not be activated by mistake is something passes by the windows. To prevent fault activation the Movement Sensor should not be shielded by direct sun light or heat sources. If movement is detected the SuperSail Marine Monitoring System will notify you immediately on your mobile phone via SMS with an attached GPS location of the alarm. With an inbuilt battery the wireless IR sensor simplifies installation considerably. No complicated wiring needs to be installed, simply decide on the location and mount the PIR using only two screws. System security is also improved with no cabling revealing where the alarm unit is located. The SuperSail Wireless Movement Sensor works with the SuperSail Marine Monitoring System. Need Support with your order? Contact us now for a more information on the SuperSail Wireless Movement Sensor and discuss the options available.


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