CEM Fresh Water Self Priming Pump with 20L Tank

CEM Fresh Water Self Priming Pump with 20L Tank


CEM Fresh Water Self Priming Pump with 20L Tank

The CEM Fresh Water Self Priming Pump with 20L Tank is designed for fresh water applications where a constant water pressure is required for all on-board appliances. Deliver pressurised water to on-board appliances such as showers, kitchens, washbasins, toilets etc. The CEM Fresh Water Pumps are also suitable for air-conditioning units, fire–fighting, washing of decks and chains amount many other applications.


  • Electric pump series J-mini, J-INOX, MG-INOX or JBR (voltage and performances as shown in the table).
  • Cylindrical tank 20 liters made in stainless steel (20X) or 20 liters made in painted steel sheet with flange made in s.s. (20L), with inside butyl rubber diaphragm suitable for foodstuff.
  • Pressure switch, (serial setting 1.4 - 2.8 adjustable to the values suggested in the table).
  • Pressure gauge.
  • 5-ways pipe fitting made of brass.
  • Flexible pipe - 500mm.


  • Liquid free of solid impurities
  • Temperature range of the liquid: from 0 to 50 °C
  • Static pressure inside the pump body: 6 bar max


  • Non return valve 1” or 1”1/2.
  • Safety manual resetting pressure switch “SQUARE D”:
  • The advantage of this system respect the normal pressure switch is that the water pressure system is stopped when no more water is available, thus preventing the unit to work without water.


For the full specification please download the CEM Pump Specification.

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