Dokensip Auxilary Core Module

Dokensip Core Module


Dokensip Core Module

The heart of the Dokensip system. It allows you to be informed of your vessel's status via your smartphone or online by communicating with the sensors installed on your vessel. It can even pinpoint your vessel's location with it's built-in GPS antenna. You can easily add more sensors and wireless fobs (up to maximum of 16 devices) and the Dokensip Core Module will detect them automatically. Please Note : Subscription fees applies. Please contact us for details. CONTROL YOUR BOAT’S GUARD We want you to be in control of the system at any time. That´s why we have developed the FCS system. Through the app and the website you will be able to control and manage all the components of the DOKENSIP system
OWN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT DOKENSIP system has been tailor made to cover all the safety needs of your boat. It will not only give you full control on your boat, but also on the whole system.
CONTROL ON CORE AND SENSORS Through the DOKENSIP app and website you can monitor the state of the sensors and CORE. You can also see their current battery level and if the CORE is plugged to 12/24V or not. Also you can name the sensors as you wish so that you identify them more easily in your app.
LOGS OF ACTIVITY (LOAs) You never know when you will need them, but DOKENSIP offers you the LOAs of each sensor, showing you the date and registered value in each moments measurement.
GEOFENCE Through the DOKENSIP user website you can establish a security perimeter around your boat. In case the boat gets out of it, the MAP process will be triggered and you´ll be the first to know about it.
TRACKING Monitor all your sailing tracks from any mobile device or computer. DOKENSIP gathers all the GPS information of your system and draws your boats routes so that you always know where it has been sailing.
POSITIONING RECORDS DOKENSIP gives you the chance to download reports of all positions of your system in the past. In this way you will always know the exact positions of places you visited or where you left your boat.
PERSONALIZED ALERT CONFIGURATION You can personalize your alerts and receive them whenever you want.
ANCHORING ALERT Find a nice spot, drop the anchor and forget about it. In case the anchor drags, the MAP process will be triggered and you will be the first one to know, being able to react as you might consider.
GLOBAL COVERAGE Currently DOKENSIP system is installed in many boats all around the world; from USA to Australia, across the Mediterranean and Asia. One world, one wireless sensor system and two objectives: your boat´s security and your peace of mind.
SHARE YOUR LOCATION Share your location with our DOKENSIP app. You can send an email containing a link to a website in which your CORE´s current location will be shown. You can choose the expiration time of it so that the receiver can see it as long as you wish.
DOKENSIP´s original multichannel alert process is activated as soon as an alert is triggered onboard. In that moment, the system will send you an e-mail to the provided e-mail account and a push notification to your DOKENSIP app in your mobile phone.
Within 10 minutes, the system will send you a push notification to the app every minute.
After those 10 push notifications, you will get an SMS message in your mobile phone, and 10 minutes later, DOKENSIP will call you and up to 3 other contacts you might want to be alerted in case something goes on onboard.
Important: at any stage of the process, if any of the notifications is acknowledged, the process will be aborted. We understand that you are aware of what is going on onboard.


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