Opacmare Passerelle
Opacmare Stainless Steel Transom Mount Passerelle 8999

Opacmare Stainless Steel Transom Mount Passerelle 8999

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Opacmare Stainless Steel Transom Mount Passerelle 8999

The Opacmare 8999 is the most traditionally designed hydraulic telescopic passerelle with a rotating actuator as opposed to a piston cylinder. Movement of the passerelle is controlled by an actuator incorporated within the stern hinging system. This system allows for 90° inclination both upwards and downwards, occupies limited space at the stern thus offering greater manoeuvrability while also maintaining a lifting capacity of up to 450 kg. Available in seven lengths from 2.6 to 4.4m. The Opacmare stainless steel passerlles are two or three-section telescopic gangways with hydraulic, remote controlled handling system, both for extension and for rising. More than 40 models are available made from either polished or painted AISI 316 L stainless steel with teak gratings, electronic and hydraulic units, remote control and either manual or automatic stanchions. Optional fibre optics are also available, as well as double line of stanchions (for some models only). These gangways feature tender and water scooter lifting, capacities range from 150 kg to 450 kg. All passerelles have loading capacity of 150 kg (passengers’ boarding only). Contact us now for a price and availability.


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