When the time comes for boat refits and repairs, swimming ladders ought to be considered a worthy piece of equipment for an upgrade. As these ladders provide easy access to the sea, they play an important role in the accessibility of your vessel. Here we provide an overview of the different types of swimming ladders that are available to help you to make an informed decision when you next consider an upgrade.

Multifunctional ladders

These ladders are controlled electronically and can be moored at a variety of different heights, making them a particularly versatile option. They can move both upwards and downwards and can be finished in many different ways, which depends on your individual preference.

Rotating ladders

Compact in size, rotating side boarding ladders have an automatic handling system that is accessible thanks to the suspension cable. This also makes the ladder easy to service, so it can be readily repaired to maximise safety as well as its durability.

Manual ladders

Manual swimming ladders are operated by hand and typically consist of three or four steps to allow easy access to the ocean. The first step usually has a supportive handle which you can easily grip for support and guidance when lowering yourself into the sea.

Automatic ladders

For an easier operating alternative to the manual swimming ladder, automatic ladders retract without any human effort. With an hydraulic control unit you can manage their operation.
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