It’s very rare that a well-established company with a universally popular product decides to pull out of a market sector altogether, but in 2016 this is exactly what Charles Industries (CI) decided to do. Wanting to focus on their core telecommunications business they made the decision to discontinue all their Marine and Industrial product lines, including the successful range of shore supply IsoBoost transformers.

At first this may not have seemed a big deal. There were plenty of stocks and spares still available, and in any case, there were other shore supply transformers on the market. However, fast forward 3 years and stock and spares of the original CI products are almost non-existent, and those alternatives on the market either don’t offer the same performance or only do so at much higher cost or in a much bigger unit – that suddenly is too big to fit in the space of your old CI transformer.

Fortunately, the solution is finally here.  The power specialists at Energy Solutions have developed a new range of Isolation and Voltage Boost (Iso-Boost) transformers that can be supplied and fitted by industry experts Aquamare Marine.    Unlike other products the new Energy Solutions Iso-Boost range are a direct like-for-like replacement for the old CI transformers. They retain the same wiring connections and physical dimensions, all whilst being built to the latest standards and using state of the art manufacturing to ensure the best performance and reliability.

The new Energy Solutions Iso-Boost transformers aren’t just the perfect solution for anyone wanting to replace an old CI unit, they are perfect for anyone needing a shore supply transformer. This is because they retain the two simple properties that made the originals so popular; they offer enough flexibility and performance to provide real world usability in a variety of situations whilst remaining relatively small, compact and cost-effective by not trying to offer unnecessary or useless functionality.

There are two units on offer; the smaller 12kVA/50A and the larger 24kVA/100A model. Both come complete with; soft start, dual frequency compatibility, in built monitoring, full isolation between input and output windings and the ability to automatically boost the incoming supply by up to 10% if it drops too low. Both models can be supplied for either US (208V) or EU (400V) operation and have optional; 7” remote displays and AC Change Over (ACCO) Master controllers.

Aquamare Marine based in West Palm Beach, Florida will be holding US stocks of all units and can supply direct or via their expanding Iso-Boost dealer network across the USA.  For more information click here or contact Aquamare Marine.