Watermaker Radial Flow Carbon Filter Cartridge RFC-BB

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Watermaker Radial Flow Carbon Filter Cartridge RFC-BB Free Shipping next day shipping. Suitable for Tecnicomar Watermakers and more applications.

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Product Description

Watermaker Radial Flow Carbon Filter Cartridge RFC-BB

Suitable for Tecnicomar Watermakers and many other water filtration applications.

10″x5″ Radial Flow Carbon Filter Cartridge. Water Filter Cartridge for Organics, Chlorine Taste and Ordor removal, and Sediment reduction carbon filter.

Radial Flow Carbon Filter Cartridge RFC-BB cartridge effectively removes bad taste, reduces odor and chlorine from drinking water. They are designed for maximum contact between water and carbon media. As water passes through the filter, it passes through a 25 micron pad to prevent carbon particles from leaking into your filtered drinking water.

Radial Flow Carbon Filter Cartridge RFC-BB Specification:

  • Filter size: 9 3/4″ x 4 7/8″
  • Micron Rating: 25 nominal
  • Temperature Range: 40-125°F (4.4 – 51.7°C)
  • Pressure: 0.9 PSI drop @ 2 pgm
  • Filter Capacity: 35,000 gallons at 2 gpm
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