Marine LoadBank

The ES LoadBank can be used with generators to help with power swings.

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Marine LoadBank

Selecting the right sized generator for your yacht can be a difficult task. Different seasons, different times of day, and periods with and without guests can cause substantial power swings. Even when following the very best engineering practice, the yacht will be operating the generators lightly loaded with the poor emissions, low exhaust gas temperatures and increased engine maintenance that this leads to. The ES LoadBank can be used with generators that are running lightly loaded to address the problem. The 2015 model, ES Marine LoadBank v5, combines heater tank, switch gear and expansion tank all in the same enclosure, reducing the footprint required to install the LoadBank. The PLC has also been upgraded which allows direct interfacing with a ship’s system for control and monitoring. There is also a remote touchscreen control and monitoring panel, both options give flexibility for new builds and retrofits.

There are three, operator selectable, operating modes:

  • Fixed Loadbank – maintains load at a fixed minimum at all times.
  • Fuel saver mode – maintains generator at a target load for a certain proportion of any time period.
  • Exhaust temperature mode – maintains exhaust gas temperature at target level for a certain proportion of any time period. Extra load will increase exhaust gas temperature, making it a great aid for generators with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) exhaust systems. These rely on high exhaust temperatures for the catalytic process.

For the full information download the datasheet.

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