Product Description

Marine Iso Transformer

Energy Solutions offer single and three phase Marine Iso Transformers of all capacities. The standard range of Isolation Transformers have the following features.

Complete range 
The standard transformer range covers 10, 16, 32, 50, 63 & 100 amp single phase shore capacities at 230V.

Dedicated output.
The larger transformers come configured to provide either 120 – 0 – 120V 4 wire USA output or 0 – 230V 3 wire Euro output.

ABYC compliant
All transformers are built with a screen between primary and secondary windings capable of carrying twice the full load current of the transformer. This exceeds the requirements of ABYC E-8.20.1 by 100%.

Lloyds compliant
All transformers are built to comply with the requirements of LRS.

Resin coated
The transformers are protected with a UL approved vacuum impregnated polyester varnish.

For the full information download the datasheet.

Iso-Boost Transformers
Voltage conversion models. We also offer Iso-Boost Transformers that selects between two input tappings with 208 volt and 240 nominals – ideal for boats heading to the USA. This is an alternative to the Charles Industries Iso-Boost. Also offered is a unit with tappings at 400V and 230V allowing 230V boats to make use of 400V 3 phase supplies.

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