Intellian TVRO Fiber Link Module

Intellian TVRO Fiber Link Module. Fiber Optic Connection for TVRO systems Connected at the Speed of Light.

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Product Description

Intellian TVRO Fiber Link Module

Fiber Optic Connection for TVRO Systems

Connected at the Speed of Light

  • Simple Connection Using High Speed Fiber
    One Fiber Optic cable combines the TX and RX signals in a VSAT system, in a TVRO system it combines up to 4 LNB signals into one lightweight cable.
  • A Single Fiber Optic Cable
    A single fiber optic cable connects the VSAT or TVRO antenna to the BDU, reducing the number of cables required, making installation more straightforward.
  • No Cable Run Limitations.
    With less signal loss than Coax cable, and much lighter, there is no cable run length limitations. No measurable signal loss up to 2000 meters.
  • Reduces Installation Time
    A single cable, saves time and reduces weight of the installation.

TVRO Fiber Link Solution

This solution is applicable for the t240CK that uses the AC power supply direct to the antenna. The Fiber Link Module consists of two modules. The lower BDU module is 1U Rack type unit which is connected to the ACU and the multi-switch. The upper ADU module is small unit installed inside the bottom of the Radome.

The TVRO Fiber Link solution requires multiple cables based on the configuration of the TVRO system. Small fiber optic cables take up less room than a single coax cable and are much lighter and easier to install.

TVRO System Diagram

Compatibility : t240CK

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