Boating is a relaxing way to get away from it all. But in today’s online world, it may not be ideal to be totally cut off from civilisation. How do you stay connected while out on the water?

WiFi 4G systems

You don’t have to wait until you’re docked and near a café to get WiFi anymore. There are WiFi systems available which allow you to have your own hotspot wherever you go. This is perfect for longer trips away from land when you still need to check your emails or check in with the kids. An easy to install box and a compact antenna allow you to get back online, and share some beautiful pictures of where you’ve been sailing.

Cellular data

If you’re lucky enough to have a decent mobile phone with a good data package, you should be able to get online most places. The only time this falls down is in areas where mobile signal is particularly weak – or if you forget your charger! It’s worth finding out how to pair other devices to your phone. A laptop with WiFi capability can connect to your phone, using it as a mini WiFi hotspot. Just remember that this uses up even more of your data, making an onboard WiFi system more cost effective in some in instances.

Satellite communications

Marine satellite internet is the most effective way to ensure you stay connected to the things that matter to you. Many systems are low on cables and quick to install, and are designed so that they don’t add too much weight or take up too much room. Satellite TV for boats is another way that modern technology is improving the boating life.

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