Is there ever really anywhere on earth where we’re not in communication now? Maritime internet solutions now include everything from WiFi 4G systems for boats to marine satellite internet.

Marine Satellite TV

Intellian, the leading global manufacturer of satellite antenna systems, offers a complete range of marine satellite TV systems, with uninterrupted HD or SD TV viewing onboard. Developed for even the most quietly tucked away cove, this marine satellite internet keeps you online and entertained. At Aquamare we stock the latest service kits, empty dummy domes and satellite antennas to ensure your Intellian systems are in great shape.

Wi-Fi 4G Systems for Boats

Finding the best boat Wi-Fi systems can be challenging. Many boat owners these days rely on apps and the internet to navigate and access weather reports. Of course, staying in touch with loved ones whilst at sea or posting your latest Instagram shot is important too! At Aquamare, we prefer the Pepwave Max BR1-LTE Superyacht 4G Wifi MIMO System at the high end of the market or the more affordable Aqua Superyacht 4G Wifi GPS MIMO Antenna.

Vessel Tracking and Monitoring Systems

One of the most important aspects of staying connected is when something goes wrong at sea. Finding the right vessel tracking and monitoring system is essential to effective ship to shore communications. The SuperSail Marine Monitoring System allows you to monitor your vessel and control the onboard system from anywhere on the planet. It can monitor everything from the status of the shore power to the water level in your bilge. At Aquamare, we supply the entire Supersail system and other sailing items, such as the output control box, wireless temperature sensor, and wireless water sensor.

If you’re on board a superyacht to escape, always remember that it still pays to be connected.