Are you hoping to refit or repair your boat in the near future? If so, here are four accessories and fittings to consider installing before your next adventure.

1. Marine passerelles

Providing the perfect combination of simplicity and form, passerelles aren’t essential in the UK, but they are standard practice if you’re sailing around the Mediterranean. You’ll find it difficult to come ashore without one, and they’re excellent for providing disabled access. There are a number of different types, including rotating, transom and extending box passerelles.

2. Bathing platforms

As the name suggests, bathing platforms are commonly used for sunbathing, but they come in handy for storing equipment and bikes too. They also allow you to easily walk around the stern of your boat.

3. Swimming ladders

A swimming ladder is a great addition to your boat, as it’s useful for accessing the boat from low pontoons or when you’re sunbathing. If you need to recover someone who has fallen overboard, it’ll come in handy then too. There are a number of different swimming ladders available, including automatic, manual and side-boarding ladders.

4. Boat signs

A refit wouldn’t be complete without a custom-made boat sign. If you’re really hoping to impress, opt for an illuminated boat sign from Aquamare that is manufactured using precision laser cutting and polished to the highest standard. A brand-new sign will really transform your boat and is certain to provide a beautiful, attractive glow in the evening.

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