Each trip may present unique situations and weather conditions that will affect how you pack your essentials and other travel must-haves. Aside from these, you also have to consider local laws and assure the safety of each person on board. Whether you’re preparing for a first boat travel with friends or just having a three-day expedition with the family, it’s important to observe these when packing for a boat trip.

1. Ensure safety with an updated marine security system

Safety always comes first. Make sure that your boat is always secure by having a security alarm system to prevent intrusion and to decrease the risk of expensive thefts.

2. Bring a reliable communication device

Since you are at sea, communication with authorities is important. Make sure that you know how to contact marine patrol, police and coast guard, especially during emergency. You should have a working cell phone or marine radio on board. You could also have a Wi-Fi 4G system installed on your boat to keep you connected.

3. Pack a good number of clothes and towels

Put into mind to pack enough clothes that will cover the whole duration of your trip. Make sure to bring clothes that are comfortable and weather-appropriate. Likewise, don’t forget to pack plenty of towels.

4. Have the basics

Bring food that will last as many days as possible. Make sure that you also have enough water and drinks to keep you hydrated.

5. Take a first-aid kit with you

Accidents can happen anytime so you have to be always prepared. You must have a first-aid kit on your boat that includes bandages, scissors, gloves, cotton balls, as well as motion sickness pills.

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