In order to make your boat a comfortable place to work, it is essential to buy the most effective fan blowers to improve the ventilation of enclosed areas. However, with a range of options, it can be difficult to know what will meet your requirements. The following information will help to clarify the type of fan blower that is best for your boat.

Understanding the difference

Electric fan blowers

These fan blowers are perfect for closed areas of the boat, like the kitchen, bathroom or engine room, where ventilation and extraction are essential to make the environment more hospitable.

Ventilation fans

Ventilation fans are also used for closed marine areas but are instead designed for ventilation and suction, as opposed to extraction. This makes them suitable for use in workshops, as well as engine rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen area.

Continuous operation

Although these fans do have their differences, they are both likely to be used continuously. This means you should choose a fan blower that has a powerful voltage and reliable delivery. If the marine environment is particularly big, it may also be worth investing in a fan blower that is extra-large.

AC vs. DC

Both electric and ventilation fans are available in DC and AC current. But what does this mean? The difference between the two relates to the conversion of electrical power to rotational power. Alternating current (AC) alternates between positive and negative power, whereas direct current (DC) doesn’t alternate, as it has positive and negative voltage sides.


Compared to AC fans, DC fans use up to 70% less energy, which can result in beneficial savings on your bills. DC fans also tend to be a lot quieter than AC fans, due to differences in the motor. However, it is worth considering how these differences largely depend upon the model of fan that is chosen, so you should check the specifications before assuming that one will be more efficient than another.

Support for the marine industry

Aquamare Marine offers a range of electric fan blowers and ventilation fans, as well as providing a wealth of other services, such as marine satellite internet and marine gangways to make your boat as up-to-date and efficient as possible. Our expert engineers can provide international support and will endeavour to meet your every requirement.