Tecnicomar UV1-CBC Steriliser UV

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Tecnicomar UV1-CBC Steriliser UV

The Tecnicomar UV1-CBC Steriliser UV anti-bacteria systems can reduce 99% bacteria and viruses in the fresh water and get free bacteria water without adding chemicals. They are equipped with a sediment prefilter to be more efficacious with the U.V. rays and a carbon filter to remove the bad smell and taste from the water. The high intensity anti-bacteria U.V. lamp life is estimated in 9,000 hours of continuous service. Image is for illustration purposes only, please check the specification before ordering. We offer worldwide supply and installation please contact us for details. All prices include VAT and Free UK Shipping, International shipping is calculated at checkout. Tecnicomar TC Stainless Steel UV Sterilizers are made to order with a 1 week lead time, for bulk orders please contact us.


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