Tecnicomar AD/APX 75/2 High Capacity Water Softener

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Tecnicomar AD/APX 75/2 High Capacity Water Softener

The water softeners are ideal to eliminate calcium from water, and are useful for washing boats, cars, trucks and large vehicles. The water softeners reduce cleaning time, the consumption of detergent and do not require surfaces drying on which surfaces are often those annoying white spots clue to the presence of calcium.A|so avoid scaling in pipes and appliances. With the passage of water through a bed of synthetic resins, salts of calcium and magnesium are retained, thus eliminating the hardness in excess. Simple and functional, are composed of a container for resins, one for salt, a programmable control unit {automatic models) and a flow meter: iust add salt in quantities determined by the model. The resin regeneration is automatic with washing cycles of a saturated salt solution in the container connected to the softener.

Standard Equipment:

  • Reinforced Fibre Glass case
  • 5-Cycles volume fleck valve
  • Manual by-pass valve for water softener exclusion
  • Automatic regeneration at preset volume
  • Salt tank
  • 1" F Gas brass fittings
  • Manual By-pass device to set the desired degree of hardness
  • Self-disinfection system to purify the resins at every flushing cycle
  • Low salt level indicator
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