SuperSail Alarm Wireless Temperature Sensor

SuperSail Wireless Temperature Sensor

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SuperSail Wireless Temperature Sensor

The SuperSail Wireless Temperature Sensor is easily connected, to allow you to see the temperature in your SuperSail app. The wireless Temperature Sensor is connected as simple as any other sensor in the SuperSail alarm family. Only standard batteries are required. An alarm can be set-up, to notify you if the temperature moves outside the range, that you have decided. The Temperature Sensor includes 3 meter wire for the temperature measuring unit, which can be placed anywhere indoor/outdoor – even in the water. Installation is simple with an inbuilt battery Wireless Temperature Sensor has no complicated wiring. It communicates wirelessly with the SuperSail Marine Monitoring System and will notify you immediately via SMS on your device. The SuperSail Wireless Temperature Sensor works with the SuperSail Marine Monitoring System. Need Support with your order? Contact us now for a more information on the SuperSail Temperature Sensor and discuss the options available.


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