SC45R Satcom Antenna Mount
SC45R Satcom Antenna Mount

SC45R Satcom Antenna Mount

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For Satcom/TV Antenna Reduce the footprint size of your satcom antenna by up to 60% with the Scanstrut Satcom Antenna Mount. This gives you greater choice when choosing where to install your satcom antenna and also aids installation on narrow radar arches. Features: High Strength Product Single piece composite GRP moulding for a high strength, corrosion free mounting. Neat Installation Satcom mount fixings hidden internally. Easy to Install & Maintain Antenna fixings external for ease of antenna installation and maintenance. Watertight Installation Includes factory fitted watertight seal & gland systems. Mounting on a curved arch? Check out the Adjustable Base Wedge accessory, which will solve your problem and level your satcom installation. SC45R – Designed in co-operation with Raymarine engineers. Tested and approved by Raymarine as recommended mounting for 45 STV. • Minimises footprint of antenna by 45%
• Raises antenna by 80mm, allowing inspection hatch to open fully for easy cable connection


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