Intellian s80HD Marine Satellite TV Antenna
Intellian s80HD Marine Satellite TV Antenna

Intellian s80HD Marine Satellite TV Antenna

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Intellian s80HD Marine Satellite TV Antenna

Welcome to an uninterrupted WorldView

The Intellian s80HD WorldView is the most feature-packed satellite antenna system available today. When cruising in North America this dual-band system delivers DirecTV in full HD with all the features you have at home, including DVR, up-to-date channel guide, and the ability for everyone on board to watch different channels at once. When it’s time to weigh anchor and head to another part of the world, the Ku-band WorldView Trio LNB allows the system to provide HDTV around the globe.

The s80HD WorldView, one antenna to watch it all

  • Simultaneous Reception of DirecTV Ka- and Ku-band
  • Watch HD TV onboard, underway or at anchor
  • Global Satellite Library
  • Simplicity of design, no fragile compass and no rate sensors
  • WorldView™ Trio LNB Provides Global Coverage of Ku-Band Satellites
  • Able to service up to 16 receivers out of the box
  • Aptus Mobile user controls for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • 3-axis Stabilized Antenna System

Simultaneous Reception

The s80HD WorldView antenna system with its triple feed horn simultaneously receives signals from two DirecTV Ka-Band satellites and one DirecTV Ku-Band satellite. This allows viewing of all DirecTV HD channels without manually changing the satellites, for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Intellian WorldView Trio LNB Provides Global Coverage

Gone are the days of reconfiguring complex systems, and manually changing out LNBs with each crossover into a new satellite service area. Intellian's WorldView Trio LNB technology enables reception of all Ku-Band satellites around the globe. The WorldView Trio LNB module is programmed to select each satellite automatically, allowing mariners to enjoy any satellite TV service by simply selecting the correct satellite from a drop down menu and connecting the corresponding receiver. The LNB automatically switches to the correct polarization and local frequency required by the satellite service provider.

Multi-Switch Module

The Intellian s80HD WorldView comes standard with a SWM capable Multi-Switch module to connect up to 16 DirecTV satellite receivers without additional splitters. The Multi-Switch supports both Single Wire and standard installations, reducing the need for additional hardware.

Intellian s80HD Features

Intellian WorldView Trio LNB
  • In addition to offering reception of DirecTV’s HD service when operating in the US, The s80HD WorldView also enables global reception of Ku-band Satellites without changing LNBs, making it a single antenna to watch it all
Enhanced Antenna performance across dual bands
  • Highly efficient parabolic antenna enables 43dBW minimum EIRP
  • Ku and Ka-Band LNB with automatic level alignment to maintain the best quality picture
Fully Automated System
  • Automatic satellite search and identification
  • 3-axis stabilized antenna remains locked on in all sea conditions
Multi-Switch Module
  • SWM capable, supporting both Single Wire and Standard receivers
  • Rack mountable. Matches ACU design
Wide Range Search (WRS) Function
  • Intellian's patented WRS search provides the fastest satellite acquisition available today by searching for the entire signal rather than only part of it
Wi-Fi Enabled Antenna Control Unit
  • Wireless updates and diagnostics via the Aptus PC
  • Intuitive controls and digital satellite information display on the ACU
  • Simple antenna status quick reference
Built-in GPS and NMEA 0183 Interface Port
  • The s80HD WorldView includes a built-in GPS inside of the antenna unit for faster signal acquisition
  • An external ship's GPS can also be connected through the NMEA 0183 port on the rear panel of the ACU
Dedicated Mobile Application for ease-of-use
  • Dedicated iOS Mobile Application connects over WiFi to offer simple, intuitive control of the system
  • Users can check and update satellite library and antenna firmware all from the palm of their hand
Three Year Global Warranty
  • Industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with a 1-year labor warranty for all antenna systems, ensuring peace of mind with your hardware investment
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