Davis Complete Vantage Vue Weather Station
Davis Complete Vantage Vue Weather Station

Davis Complete Vantage Vue Weather Station

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Davis Complete Vantage Vue Weather Station

Vantage Vue Weather Station Features:

  • Inside/Outside Temperature
  • Inside/Outside Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Dew Point
  • Rainfall
  • Easy-to-read backlit screen
  • Glow-in-the-dark keypad
  • Fast updates every 2.5 seconds (10x faster than the competition)
  • Wireless transmission from station to console up to 300 m (3x farther than the competition)
  • Accurate, reliable weather monitoring in a self-contained, easy-to-install system
Your outdoor sensor suite sets up in minutes and transmits data wirelessly to your console anywhere in your home, school or business. In addition to displaying current weather conditions and trends, Vantage Vue also boasts the innovative Weather Centre button that displays weather variables over the last 25 days. When used with the optional WeatherLink® data logger and software, you’ll be able to run additional analyses. The fully-integrated, corrosion-proof sensor suite is built to take all the weather your location can give - freezing winters, springtime thunderstorms, blistering summer sun and brisk autumn winds. The smaller profile sensor suite is designed to minimize visual impact in your yard or on your roof. The Vantage Vue’s transmitters are also radio-compatible with Vantage Pro2, so you can mix and match components. For example, add a Vantage Vue console to your Vantage Pro2 system or extend your wireless range with long and short range repeaters. They all work together seamlessly.


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