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EFC100 Kit Options:

EFC100 Kit Options


Aqua Sonic Electronic Fouling Control EFC100

Introduction to Aqua Sonic Electronic Fouling Control EFC100 EFC utilises advanced Ultrasonic technology, to create an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional marine fouling control. By using EFC Ultrasonic technology, you can avoid the considerable time, effort and expense that you would normally associate with applying conventional coatings. EFC will enhance the performance to the extent that annual lift outs will not be necessary [apart from boat maintenance in general] and whereas, you would be expected to re-apply antifoul as a seasonal expense, you could be looking to do this on only a three or four year, perhaps even five year basis using EFC. How it works EFC uses pulses of Ultrasonic frequencies to deter micro organisms from attaching themselves to your motor boat or sail boats hull. This pulsing effectively creates an invisible shield around the boats hull protecting it from these micro organisms commonly referred to as Bio-foul. The ultra high frequencies are not harmful to humans, fish, plant life or any other marine based life forms. Benefits
  1. Environmentally Friendly Ultrasonic Technology
  2. Reduced on-going costs
  3. Reliable performance
  4. Consistent fouling control for your hull and ancillaries
  5. Low Maintenance compared to conventional coatings
  6. Intelligent Power Optimisation
  7. Simple Installation
  8. More time enjoying your boat, less time maintaining it
  9. No more annual lift outs to antifoul
Specifications Includes 1 x Intelligent IP65 Rated Control Unit 1 x 50W IP69 Transducers 2 Year Return to UK base Warranty Electronic Fouling Control - EFC100 Installation Kit 1 x 6M H05RN Silicon Transducer Cable with IP69 Plug and Play connectors 1 x 12v / 24v H05RN Silicon DC Power Cable 1 x Araldite Rapid Epoxy Kit 1 x Blade Fuse and Holder 1 x Installation Manual Sandpaper, Gloves, Cables Ties Safety Features Internal Temperature Control with auto shutoff Over voltage protection Reverse polarity protection Output monitoring IP69 Transducer IP68 Enclosure Marine Grade Silicon H05RN Cabling IP69 rated connectors System functions Power off on low voltage Over voltage / temperature shut down Individual Transducer output monitoring for over and under current Intelligent power monitoring for optimal performance Sleep functionality Optional Solar Kit: PV Logic Solar Power 2 x STPVF020 – 20wp solar panel 2 x 4m Cable (attached) 2 x 10A Charge Control 2 x Fuse 12 x Ring Terminals 2 x Simson 70-03 Adhesive 1 x Waterproof Cable feed gland 8 x Stainless steel fixing screws 1 x Instruction Sheet 1x MPPT Pro Charge Controller Voltage AC Input - N/A DC Input - 12-30VC DC Consumption @ 12v DC - 0.4 Amps/HR Certification - CE, FCC & ULC Power - 50W Peak per transducer Frequency - auto ranging 20-40Khz

Boat Size Guide

Less than 10m (32ft) Boat - EFC200 Catamaran - 2 x EFC200

Between 10m to 20m (32ft – 65ft) Boat - EFC300 Catamaran - 2 x EFC300

Greater than 20m (65ft), Commercial Vessels, Sea Chest and Pipes. Contact us to determine best solution based on individual boat.

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