Aqua Motorhome 4G Wifi GPS MIMO Antenna
Aqua Motorhome 4G Wifi GPS MIMO Antenna

Aqua Motorhome 4G Wifi GPS MIMO Antenna

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Aqua Motorhome 4G Wifi GPS MIMO Antenna

  • Easy to Install
  • Low profile design
  • Compact MIMO Antenna
  • Superfast 4G 100mb/s Download*
  • Combines 4G, Wifi & GPS
  • One Antenna instead of 5
  • All cables included
  • IP67 Rated
Aqua Motorhome 4G Wifi GPS MIMO Antenna contains five separate antennas, all in one compact antenna housing: two LTE 4G 700 MHz & Cellular antennas, two dual-band WiFi antennas, and one GPS antenna. Easy installation and IP67 rated design that confirms to Industrial and Military specification. Use the antenna on your Yacht, Powerboat, Canal Boat, Caravan, Horse box, Motor Home, Farm Outbuilding and many more applications. The Antenna can be deck, roof, pole or bracket mounted and includes 4.5m cable tails with SMA plugs ready to connect to your equipment. MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) modems offer greater speed and capacity than earlier generations of modems. They achieve this by sending RF signals on multiple antenna elements to maximize the amount of information transmitted and received. This new MIMO technology is used in several frequency bands, initially for 802.11n WiFi bands and more recently for LTE in the 700 MHz band. To ensure optimum performance, the systems need multiple antennas on both the transmission and receive ends. Measuring 140mm in diameter with a low profile of 60.4mm the Aqua Marine MIMO Antenna takes up significantly less space than multiple antennas and cut down on installation time and costs by offering a single mounting hole. *Peak data speeds are network and provider dependant and speeds shown are maximum achievable through LTE standard. All prices include VAT and Free UK Shipping, International shipping is calculated at checkout. For bulk orders please contact us.


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