Airmar DX 900+ Speed/Temp Transducer

Airmar DX 900+ Speed/Temp Transducer

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No matter what type of racing you do, it’s important to get every ounce of speed out of your boat. AIRMAR’s new dual axis, electromagnetic multifunction sensor is exactly the advantage you need. The DX900+ measures transverse and longitudinal speed which instantaneously calculates leeway angle and speed through water with no latency.

Right after tack, the DX900+ leeway measurement is different than the calculated leeway. Seeing this difference gives a better true wind calculation during the tack—ultimately providing unsurpassed performance.

Boat speed increases after tack. Heel increases as speed increases.

Overtime, calculated leeway matches DX900+ leeway.

The DX900+ leeway and calculated leeway trend the same.


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