Airmar 220WX Dual NMEA RS232 CanBUS IPX6 GPS Compass Heading

Airmar 220WX Dual NMEA RS232 CanBUS IPX6 GPS Compass Heading

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Airmar 220WX Dual NMEA RS232 CanBUS IPX6 GPS Compass Heading

Airmar 220WX Dual NMEA RS232 CanBUS IPX6 GPS Compass Heading Specifications

Wind Data

  • Wind Speed Range:0 knots to 78 knots (0 MPH to 90 MPH, 0 m/s to 40 m/s)
  • Wind Speed Resolution:0.1 knot (0.1 MPH, 0.1 m/s)
  • Wind Speed Accuracy @ 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F), no precipitation*:
  • Low Wind Speeds:
  • 0 -10 knots; 1 knot RMS +10% of reading
  • (0 MPH to 11.5 MPH; 1.1MPH + 10% of reading)
  • (0 m/s to 5 m/s; 0.5 m/s + 10% of reading)
  • High Wind Speeds:
  • 10-78 knots; 2 knots RMS or 5%, whichever is greater
  • (11.5 MPH to 90 MPH; 2.3 MPH or 5%, whichever is greater)
  • (5 m/s to 40 m/s; 1 m/s or 5%, whichever is greater)
  • Wind Speed Accuracy in wet conditions**:5 knots RMS (5.7 MPH RMS, 2.5 m/s RMS)
  • Wind Direction Range: 0° to 360°
  • Wind Direction Resolution: 0.1°
  • Wind Direction Accuracy @ 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F), no precipitation*:
  • Low Wind Speeds (5° RMS typical):
  • 4 - 10 knots (4.6 MPH to 11.5 MPH, 2 m/s to 5 m/s)
  • High Wind Speeds (2° RMS typical):
  • >10 knots (>11.5 MPH, >5 m/s)
  • Wind Direction Accuracy in wet conditions** (8° RMS Typical):
  • 8 knots (>9.2 MPH, >4 m/s)
Compass Data
  • Compass Accuracy:
  • 1° static heading accuracy; 2° dynamic heading accuracy

Pitch and Roll Data

  • Pitch and Roll Range / Accuracy: ±50° / <1°

Air Temperature Data

  • Air Temperature Range***: -40°C to 55°C (-40°F to 131°F)
  • Air Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
  • Air Temperature Accuracy: ±1.1°C (±2°F)* @ >4 knots wind (>4.6 MPH wind) (>2 m/s wind)

Barometric Pressure Data

  • Barometric Pressure Range: 300 mbar to 1100 mbar (24 inHg to 33 inHg, 800 hPa to 1100 hPa)
  • Barometric Pressure Resolution: 0.1 mbar (0.029 inHg, 0.1 hPa)
  • Barometric Pressure Accuracy: ±1 mbar (±0.029 inHg, ±1 hPa) when altitude correction is available

Relative Humidity Data

  • Relative Humidity Range: 10% to 95% RH
  • Relative Humidity Accuracy*: ±5% units RH

GPS Data

  • GPS Position Accuracy: 3 m (10’) with WAAS/EGNOS (95% of the time)

Operating Temperature

  • Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
  • Heater Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 55°C
Supply Voltage
  • Supply Voltage: 12
  • Supply Current (@ 12 VDC):
  • (<165 mA) <2.0W, LEN 4

Data Input/Output

  • Output: Via a single cable (various lengths available)
  • NMEA 0183 protocol over RS-422 standard interface and NMEA 2000® protocol over CAN BUS

Other Specifications

  • Weight: 300 grams (0.8 lb)
  • Mounting Thread Size on Base: Standard 1”-14 UNS (3/4” NPT optional)
  • Certifications and Standards:
  • CE, IPX6 (Relative Humidity/IPX4), RoHS, IEC60945
The Model 220WX is Airmar’s solution for commercial fishing weather monitoring applications. Feature rich, in a Durable, Rugged, Small footprint that is IPX4 or IPX6 rated; the model 220WX calculates the theoretical wind speed and direction based upon the apparent wind, speed of the vessel, and vessel heading. The Model 220WX internal 10Hz GPS and 3 axis electronic compass provide heading, position, speed over ground and course over ground functionality that is required for theoretical wind data processing and mobile applications. A 3D compass with dynamic stabilization provided by the 3-axis rate gyro also enhances the rate of turn data.
RMS—Root Mean Square, LEN—Load Equivalency Number *When the wind speed is less than 2 m/s (4.6 MPH) and/or air temperature is below 0°C (32°F), wind, temperature, and relative humidity readings will be less accurate. **Wet conditions include moisture, rain, frost, dew, snow, ice and/or sea spray in the wind channel. ***Temperature and relative humidity reports invalid during heater operation. ****Airmar has made the address claiming modifications to enable compatibility with the ISO 11783 communication protocol for the agriculture industry – that is based on the SAE J1939 protocol. Please contact us for more information or check out the rest of your marine navigation rage.


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