Case Study:

Seakeeper 18 Retrofit Installation on a Princess Yachts P68

Problem & Goal: To alleviate sea sickness and enhance the stability of a Princess Yachts P68.

Solution: Seakeeper 18 retrofit installation.

Results & Benefits: Enhanced comfort, stability, confidence and usage from a 95% roll reduction.

Customer Profile:

Our client, an avid yachtsman residing in the southwest region, enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends aboard his Princess Yachts P68. However, his wife and children frequently experienced sea sickness, especially when anchored in local bays. Seeking a solution to enhance comfort and stability, our client opted for a Seakeeper 18 retrofit installation.

Duration: Two weeks.

Problem & Goal:

Our client’s primary goal was to address the sea sickness experienced by his family and improve the overall stability of his Princess Yachts P68, particularly during anchorages in the bays of the southwest. Despite already having fin stabilisers, we believed that integrating a Seakeeper would offer enhanced comfort and stability whilst at sea and at anchor.


Aquamare Marine engaged in extensive consultations with the client to determine the most suitable solution for his Princess Yachts P68. Through thorough discussions, it was concluded that the Seakeeper 18 would best fulfil the client’s requirements and suit the yachts usage patterns in the regions the client frequently navigated. Whilst the Seakeeper 16 shared the same footprint, the Seakeeper 18 was deemed optimal due to its superior output, ensuring enhanced termination of boat roll and comfort.

To address our client’s requirements, a comprehensive plan was developed and executed by a professional team from Aquamare Marine. The process was conducted at our waterside facility in our boatyard and workshop at Turnchapel Wharf, one of our many facilities. The installation began with a thorough survey of the boat by our Seakeeper master technician to determine the most suitable location and required modifications. The boat was then handed over to Aquamare Marine for the retrofit installation.

The installation process involved draining and removing the Sleipner hydraulic system and all yacht batteries. Structural upgrades were made to accommodate the Seakeeper 18, followed by the installation of the Seakeeper itself. Customisation of the Sleipner hydraulic system was necessary to accommodate the Seakeeper’s placement. Additionally, battery reinstallation was optimised to provide more storage space and better suit our client’s needs.

After installation, the boat underwent rigorous testing to ensure the proper functioning of all systems. 

"A sea trial, conducted with the client on board, demonstrated an impressive 95% roll reduction, surpassing expectations."

Further trials using Sleipner and Seakeeper software in conjunction brought excellent results, further enhancing the customers satisfactions.

Results & Benefits:

The successful retrofit installation of the Seakeeper 18 brought significant benefits for our client and his family:

  • Enhanced Comfort & Stability: The sea trial results showcased a remarkable 95% reduction in roll, providing a smoother and more comfortable experience for our client’s family and guests.
  • Increased Usage: With improved comfort and confidence, our client now utilises his boat every weekend, spending more quality time with his loved ones on board.
  • Expanded Activities: The family now feels more at ease using the yacht in adverse weather conditions, enabling more opportunity for all weather yachting activities.
  • Skill Development: Our client has begun training his children to safely operate and manoeuvre the yacht, fostering a deeper shared passion for yachting within the family.

Continued Support:

Since the installation, Aquamare Marine has provided ongoing service and support, ensuring the Seakeeper is serviced at regular intervals to maintain optimal performance and customer satisfaction. 


The successful retrofit installation of the Seakeeper 18 on our client’s Princess Yachts P68 has not only addressed the issue of sea sickness but has also significantly enhanced the overall yachting experience for him and his family. With the increased comfort, stability, and confidence, they can now enjoy more frequent and diverse yachting adventures together.

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