Case Study:

Luxury Yacht Bathroom Refit – Aquamare Marine and Siminetti’s Solution for Family Comfort

Problem & Goal: Many bathrooms onboard but none with a bath for the owners’ children.

Solution: Complete removal, redesign and installation – ensuring ease of cleaning and access, luxury, and safety.

Results & Benefits: Enabled better functionality and quality time for and with the owners’ children.

Customer Profile:

A family with children who own a Ferretti Group 60m yacht.

Duration: Five weeks.

Problem & Goal:

The yacht had multiple bathrooms, but none accommodated a bath, much to the disappointment of the children. The family desired a spacious bath to facilitate their children’s love for bath time activities, including playing with bath bombs.


We travelled to the family’s location in Monaco to engage with them, understand their preferences for design and colour scheme and carry out the project. Opting for neutral colours with contrasting mosaic tiles, the design incorporated square mosaics on the edges and fantail mosaics in the other areas. We presented rendered drawings to visualise the design concepts. The extensive project involved removing the custom marble fittings to accommodate the refit. Given the messy nature of bath bombs, we prioritised easy-to-clean, non-porous materials. Siminetti crushed shell tiles, coated for effortless maintenance were selected. Safety was paramount, with rounded edges ensuring child friendly features. Remodelling the bathroom to fit the large bath required reconfiguring plumbing and adjusting bulkheads. Manoeuvring the sizable 1m x 2m bath through narrow hallways poised a logistical challenge. Taps were strategically positioned for user convenience, especially during children’s bath times.

Results & Benefits:

The outcome surpassed expectations, impressing both owners and staff with its impeccable finish. The family was delighted with the addition of a bath on board, elevating their children’s experience. The functionality of the taps received praise, and the ease of cleaning enhanced their satisfaction. The entire outcome prompted considerations for further refits. The success of this project has led to future opportunities for Aquamare Marine and Siminetti, with plans potentially in the pipeline to refurbish the main bathroom. Overall, the Aquamare Marine and Siminetti collaboration not only met but exceeded the family’s expectations, enhancing their yachting lifestyle, functionality, and quality time spent doing things their children enjoy.


By seamlessly integrating design and expertise with meticulous craftmanship, we transformed a standard yacht bathroom into a haven of family comfort and elegance. The resounding success off this project not only delighted the owners but also paved the way for future collaborations, showcasing our commitment to delivering unparalleled excellence in yacht refits.

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