Case Study:

From Gym to Luxury Cabin – A Yacht Refit

Problem & Goal: Transforming a gym into luxury guest cabin mirroring the others on board.

Solution: Thorough refit; from complete removal, to redesign and installation.

Results & Benefits: Security and overflow guests could now be comfortably accommodated, expanding the owners' hosting capacity and enabling longer stays aboard the vessel.

Customer Profile:

A family owning a 60m CRN-built yacht, spending considerable time onboard and frequently hosting guests.

Duration: Six weeks.

Problem & Goal:

Midway through the yacht’s construction, the owner decided to convert one of the guest cabins into a gym. However, after some time, they desired to revert it back into a guest cabin, specifically for security personnel and overflow guests. The challenge was to transform the space into a high-end cabin that seamlessly matched the existing ones, ensuring consistency in design and luxury. Key requirements included a fixed bed below and a pullman bed above, mirroring the other guest cabins, sourcing custom items, matching flooring, and ensuring a flawless finish. 


We travelled to the yacht in Ancona, Italy. Aquamare Marine, rendered design drawings for client approval, enduring alignment with their vision. Identifying matching flooring and woodwork posed a significant challenge, requiring extensive search and procurement efforts. Specialised pullman bed mechanisms and custom-made furniture were sourced and imported to meet the yacht owner’s specifications. The entire cabin was removed, and from scratch, every detail was recreated to match the existing design. This involved duplicating capping’s, constructing a standalone vanity unit, and ensuring precise woodwork replication. A dedicated spray room was set up onboard to ensure a consistent finish. However, due to sealed windows for noise cancellation a complex ventilation system with double filtration was installed to prevent pollution across the yacht. Custom mattresses were made to fit the space, and all custom furniture was crafted off-site and brought onboard for installation.

Results & Benefits:

The yacht owners were highly satisfied with the transformation, achieving exactly what they envisioned. The refitted cabin perfectly matched existing ones, ensuring a cohesive and luxurious onboard experience. Security personnel could now be accommodated comfortably, and overflow guests could enjoy luxurious accommodations, allowing the owners to host more people and spend extended periods on their vessel.


Through thorough planning, attention to detail, and creative problem-solving, Aquamare Marine successfully transformed a gym into a luxury guest cabin, meeting the requirements of the yacht owners and enhancing the onboard experience for all occupants.

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