Case Study:

Excellence in Paint Rectification & Repair on a Formula 42

Problem & Goal: Formula 42 vessel damaged in a collision.

Solution: Repair and repaint to better than factory standard.

Results & Benefits: A satisfied owner, praising the repair and paint quality as expectations were exceeded.

Customer Profile:

This was a retail customer, an avid boat user.

Problem & Goal:

The Formula 42 vessel sustained damages from a collision with another vessels anchor, resulting in scrapes on the starboard side, damage to the anchor, and a damaged side window. The primary goal was to repair and repaint the vessel to meet or exceed its original factory condition.


The vessel was transported to our yard in Fort Lauderdale, USA, where it underwent thorough surveying and quoting. To prepare for the repair work to begin, the boat was lifted, along with scaffolding expertly assembled around it to ensure the boat could be contained and that all safety measures were in place. Subsequently, the repair process began, which involved sanding, repairing damages, repainting the vessel, and installing a new side window. Additionally, maintenance services such as applying bottom paint, Propspeed, and an engine service were performed while the vessel was undergoing repairs.

Results & Benefits:

The outcome of the project resulted in a satisfied owner.

"The owner expressed high praise for the quality of the repairs and paintwork, noting that the paint job exceeded the original factory quality."

As a token of appreciation, the owner generously tipped all painters with a $500 gratuity. Moreover, the success of the project led to further opportunities, as we were recommended for more collision damage work, based off the back of the excellent quality of our work. Following the successes, we have since secured additional collision damage jobs, further solidifying our reputation for excellence in marine vessel repair and restoration.


This successful project highlights our excellence in paint rectification and repair on the Formula 42 vessel. Despite challenges from collision damages, we delivered exceptional results within the desired timeframe. The satisfied owner’s praise for surpassing factory quality, coupled with subsequent recommendations underscores our reputation for excellence. This success not only secured further collision damage jobs but also marked a significant milestone, reaffirming Aquamare Marine’s position as a leader in marine vessel repair and restoration.

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