Case Study:

Aquamare Marine’s Swift and Effective Seakeeper Installation

Problem & Goal: Reduce boat roll and increase vessel stabilisation.

Solution: Seakeeper 6 retrofit installation.

Results & Benefits: 96% reduction in boat roll, showcasing a substantial enhancement in stability.

Customer Profile:

A marine services company sought a swift, efficient, reputable, and reliable partner to install a Seakeeper 6 for their client. With a tight timeline, they needed a solution provider who could deliver results promptly and effectively.

Problem & Goal:

The primary objective was to mitigate boat roll and stabilise the vessel during navigation, ensuring a smoother experience for the occupants.


Aquamare Marine, renowned for our expertise in marine installation, were approached for this task. Our Sales Director meticulously assessed the clients requirements and recommended the appropriate Seakeeper model, the Seakeeper 6. Once the plan was approved, the boat was entrusted to Aquamare Marine at Dart Haven Marina.

The installation process was executed with precision:

  1. The team ensured the protection of the teak and carefully removed the customer’s personal possessions, storing them securely.
  2. The tender launch system was dismantled, and the garage floor was cleared to make way for the installation.
  3. The Seakeeper 6 was installed efficiently, and the boat was powered up for comprehensive testing. All systems were thoroughly checked prior to the launch of the boat.

Results & Benefits:

“The success of the installation was validated during the sea trial, where a remarkable 96% reduction in boat roll was observed.”

The significant improvement in stability not only enhanced the comfort of the passengers but also demonstrated our proficient in executing Seakeeper installations swiftly and effectively.


Our adeptness in marine installations, coupled with our commitment to delivering prompt and reliable solutions, was highlighted through this successful Seakeeper installation project. By addressing the client’s needs with efficiency and expertise, Aquamare Marine showcased our ability to provide quick and simple solutions for enhancing vessel performance and comfort. This case study stands a testament to Aquamare Marine’s reputation as the trusted partner in the marine industry.

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