Intellian v110G Level 3 Service Kit

Intellian v110G Level 3 Service Kit


Intellian v110G Level 3 Service Kit

Intellian supplies Level 1, 2 and 3 Service Kits complete with replacement motors, belts and other critical antenna components to ensure that technicians have what they need on hand. All kits come neatly packed in a custom Pelican case. Each part is individually wrapped and labelled with both a part number and a descriptive name.

Level 3 Service Kit Includes:

V1-4400 Level 2 Spare Parts Kit_v110G V1-6001 WR75 W/G Rotary Joint for v110/ v110G/ v130 V1-6002 Coaxial Rotary Joint (2 Ports) for v110/ v110G/ v130 V1-6003 Slip Ring (6 Channels) for v110/ v110G/ v130 All prices include VAT and Free UK Shipping, International shipping is calculated at checkout. For bulk orders please contact us.


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