Echomax Compact With Base Mount And Lalizas light

Echomax Compact With Base Mount And Lalizas light



  • Increased Radar Cross Section
  • Increased Heel Response & High S Band Response
  • Increased 360° Response Cycle
  • Fitting kit included
  • Maximum response of 23.82M2 average 2.27M2
  • Width 300mm Height 320mm
  • 150mm Base fitting with 4 x 6mm fixings @ 80mm centres

Adapted from the very successful EM230 Compact with Maximum response of 23.38M2. Ideal for Ribs, land hazards, marina entrances, poles, buoys and fish farms.

Lalizas DOT all round navigation light or Tri-colour light supplied with 4M of cable

    Just bolt on and wire up! Fit the QD Fitting whilst trailering to avoid damage caused by low obstacles such as trees, garage or barn entrances.


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