SILS Underwater Lighting

The new SILS (Submersible Inductive Lighting System) uses contactless electromagnetic induction technology to power the LEDs used within the exterior light. The underwater lights have been designed to fit a wide range of marine vehicles, from large Super Yachts through to small fishing boats.
SILS underwater lighting
No Drilling

No Drilling Required

SILS does not require any drilling or penetration of the hull in any way (an obvious benefit of using induction systems in the marine industry). The lights can be easily retrofitted without fear of leaks or bad workmanship by an outside electrician and gives peace of mind that the vessel has not been weakened in any way with a hole.


The Submersible Inductive Lighting System can be fully controllable via a mobile device such as an IPhone, Adroid or IPad. The device can control the colour mix, dim, white and RGB effect. SILS has an inbuilt BGB control system to manage colours via a unique bespoke BGB App downloadable via the ITunes App Store or Google Play Store (for Android). The user can choose from an ultimate choice of colours to match moods, water conditions, fishing patterns or just for fun. 

Download SILS Brochures

For more information about SILS induction technology, features, benefits, concepts, capabilities and app please download the brochures.


Aquamare are a authorised distributor for SILS and offer sales and support on the entire range. Please contact us for more information.